JENNY J (ジェニージェイ)
コンセプトとした、Made in Baliのジュエリーブランド。
sterling silver925と天然石を組み合わせたアイテムをメインとし、
2016年より、真鍮シリーズの「PI from JENNY J (パイフロムジェニージェイ)」を展開。
The passion behind the jewelry brand “JENNY J” originates from our designer of
Japanese descent - Jenny. With the combined efforts of her overflowing passion for design
and the fabrication of the expert craftsmen from Bali, it has brought her designs
into tangibility, utilizing sterling silver925 and natural stones as its materials.
Fostering the concept of “jewelry worn everyday.”
As adventurous as Jenny gets while traveling the world, she would never leave her true passion behind.
Collecting inspiration from one continent to another with diverse culture and nature.
From these experiences, it transpires into designs which bring out sophistication accompanied
with exoticism and elegance while being bold. As these values are rooted in all of her designs,
it continues to tickle the excitement of women who sympathize uniqueness derived from diversity.
In 2005, JENNY J started with a small number of collection catering to selected clients/friends.
In 2016, the launching of "PI from JENNY J" of the brass series was realized.

Designer : Jenny Setiawan